The Urban Herd Horses

We are pleased to introduce you to The Urban Herd!  Kiera, Lilly, Faith, Promise, Eve and Marlee! 

048Meet Kiera!  At 14.2, Kiera is a small mare with a lively attitude.  She loves attention and is very expressive in her body language.  Her favorite thing is food!  A typical youngster, her attention span is short and needs something interesting to maintain her focus.  Kiera is light and athletic with lots of energy, but is happy to hang out and snuggle too.  She is excellent at teaching people how to remain present and engaged and to just have fun!

008Meet Lilly!   At 12 years old, Lilly is a sweet and tolerant mare. Being a ‘schoolmaster’ in her previous life, we are working on connecting with her at liberty.  She loves being groomed and having the fronts of her legs rubbed.  Her favorite thing is to just hang out with you eating grass.

FaithMeet Faith!  A 16 year old Appaloosa mare, Faith is the quintessential people lover!  She is always the first at the fence to say “Hi!”  Her sense of humor and gentle, big heart make her a favorite with beginners. Faith is excellent at teaching us about unconditional love, healthy boundaries, consistency and patience.

025Meet Promise! As one of the seniors in our herd, Promise has a wealth of life experiences to share with us.  She wants to please and would prefer to have you carry her around in your pocket giving reassurance and lots of pets.  

027Meet Eve!  At 9 years young, Eve is a powerful and independent mare.  She is cautious in developing relationships at liberty and requires a quiet approach. 

Facebook ProfileMeet Marlee!  At just 5 years old, Marlee is the youngest (and biggest!) member of our herd.  She has a dynamic personality and desires relationships with both horses and people, and consistently tests the boundaries of both.  

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