Welcome to Horse Haven at Bear Creek!  Home of the Urban Herd!

Remember those early days as a kid when you couldn’t wait to get to the barn and run your fingers through your horse’s mane, teach him silly tricks, and whisper the hurts & joys of your life into his ear?

Remember carting your non-horse owning friends around and getting together with other horse friends to hang out and engage in friendly games that usually ended up with someone laughing so hard they fell off?

Remember plodding along lost in the pure pleasure of the sound of hooves hitting the earth, the smell of the horses and the outdoors?

Or – did you only dream of it?

Horse Haven at Bear Creek is committed to bringing back the simple joy of those early days of freedom, friendship and fun!  (Although we really hope no one falls off – we don’t bounce quite like we used to!)  We believe in being with horses and a community of like-minded ‘friends’ who don’t care if you own a Show Horse or a Shetland (or none at all) or ride Western, English or plain old bareback… as long as you are kind to both horses and humans.


If you are looking for that perfect home away from home for you and your equine partner… We have the boarding services for that!

If you want to explore the awesome relationship that’s possible with a horse …  We have an instructor for that!

If you want to learn or expand your knowledge in horse massage, nutrition, hoof care or any number of other horse related topics…  We have a workshop for that!

If you just want to hang out with a group of fun-loving adults interested in being the best horse people they can be and have fun doing it…  We are the barn for that!

Whether you are looking for that ‘perfect home’ for you and your equine buddy, a horse lover without a current partner, or just want to give horsemanship a try – give us a call today to find out more about our programs, our barn, and if our philosophy and community is the right fit for you!

We look forward to making your acquaintance!

David & Donnell Boyd – Horse Haven at Bear Creek

Nate Jensen – Facility Director

Mary Jensen – Cookies (Yum)

Website:  www.horsehavenatbearcreek.com

Phone:  425-483-4600

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Janet Gryczan
    May 21, 2012 @ 13:18:30

    This is so cool, guys! Can’t wait to see it up and running!


  2. Susan
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 18:09:18

    The Urban Herd is an awesome concept. Count me in! July 1 can’t come fast enough. The people are divine and having access to horses in such a great facility — wow! Thank you Jennifer, Alison and Donnell — and David and Nate. Hurray!!!


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