Well we are all moved out of ‘The Ranch’ and I have to say that our culling process was not quite as good as it could have been.  We sold our little vacation cabin a few months ago, and got a storage unit to keep those things in until we got moved.  It’s funny that David and I often comment on how people spend good money to store things they never use… 🙂

Today we have a plan… we are going to start going through things as we put away and organize the overflowing garage… our plan…?  If we haven’t seen it or used it in the past 6 months, out it goes.  Except of course those strappy little shoes and dress clothes that I only wear on special occasions… oh and the water toys, in case we get another boat someday or someone offers to take us out in theirs… and of course that clock that has been gathering ‘sentimental’ value dust in the garage that grandpa/favorite aunt/best bud in high school gave us 35 years ago… you get my drift…?

But we are committed to not being those people that spend good money storing things we never use… well at least until the end of this month…

My family has always enjoyed garage sales, so I sold Jennifer on the idea of having one at Lawnacres to start building a horse trailer fund.  She is big on recycling, reusing and re purposing everything she can and has visited other people’s yard sales but never had one of her own.  Feeling a little apprehensive about her lack of knowledge of the work involved, I continued to offer an out by warning her several times over the coming weeks that it was a lot of work, people would show up early, try to negotiate down to nothing and drive all over her grass, but with her usual “It’s gonna be great” enthusiasm she wasn’t deterred.

We started the culling process in her garage a few weeks ago and hauled all of the things down to the lower barn.  I began bringing over items gleaned from my own clean-out while moving.  A couple days before the sale, a friend came over, looked over our things and said “are you sure you want to go to all the trouble of doing a sale?  Looks like about $40 worth of stuff here.”  But we persevered, undaunted, determined to give it a go.

Jennifer had other commitments the Friday before the sale, so Lori (the newest Urban Herd member) came over and gaGarageSaleve me a hand opening, cleaning and pricing all of the things in the garage and barn.  We set up tables and moved and organized, and moved and reorganized several times until we were satisfied.  Jennifer’s family hearing of the pending sale jumped in to help and brought items of their own to contribute.  Jennifer’s mother, the true garage savant, began to work her magic in repricing and reorganizing!

My husband showed up to help set up tents in case of rain and as I left for home, wet and tired, Jennifer and her family took over final pricing/organizing and buttoning down shop.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear, the signs were placed and we all hunkered down waiting for our flood of customers.  We met some amazing people!  Jennifer, always ready to work with and share her resources with others, struck deals with an agility trainer to share arena space, a neighbor in need of a couple gates willing to install the new ones in trade and another young family in need of a tractor.  She continued to amaze me with her generosity to others.

It was a great day… we met all kinds of people, mostly upbeat and friendly.  A teacher bought Jennifer’s pink barstool for her “Gordon Shed”.  A young family bought her antique farm trestle table for their new home.  It was wonderful to talk to these people and know these items were finding new homes.

As predicted, it was a lot of work, some people drove past our blockade and all over the grass… the remaining items are being donated to a good cause, We got to add a chunk of change to the “Horse Trailer Fund”, and David and I will be out of our storage unit as planned 🙂

And Jennifer….?  I asked if she wanted to do another such event in the future… “not in a million years my friend, not in a million years”

But I’ve said that after every garage sale I’ve ever had… so maybe see you in the Spring!