Well, here we are again in the midst of change and embarking on our new adventure.  The property is sold and if all goes as planned, the new owners will take possession the first of August, and we are so grateful that they want to continue to offer the same excellent services to our boarder and lesson clients!

We are preparing for our move by ‘culling’ items from our overflowing “I might need/use/sell that someday” storage areas, and at times it seems a bit overwhelming.  Okay… a lot overwhelming! This house has more storage than I’ve ever had, and we also have 3 outbuilding sheds full of those same type of items.  We made one pass through the house and garage when we first put the property on the market and I have to admit, it was difficult to override that “I might need/use/sell that someday” thinking… but now it’s time to get down to the truth…  do I want to move that “will I or won’t I need/use/sell that someday” item or shall I lessen the load now.

I found a pair of Ray-Bans I purchase awhile back that never fit quite right, but kept them around anyway ‘just in case’ and decided to do a test run on the ‘sell it’ idea.  I took pictures and posted them on Ebay… they sold within a day and I’m $50 to the good after shipping.  It was actually quite easy and it’s given me some incentive to shoot and post some of those other ‘will I/won’t I’ items.

My fear of this culling process is that as soon as I get rid of something the opportunity to use it will appear.  I was talking with my friend Jennifer, who with this unusually warm June weather does not have the luxury of AC, about her need of fans.  “Oh, I have several, I’ll bring some over” I said.  Then I went to the garage to gather up those fans that had been gathering dust since we installed AC a couple years back…. Unfortunately, they were apparently victims of our first culling and were passed along to Goodwill on their way to a new home.  I did manage to locate one lone box fan without feet that somehow missed our culling eyes.

My friend was grateful for the fan, even with the missing feet (she is a true believer in reuse, recycle thinking) but I was chastising myself for getting rid of the fully functioning fans as someone now had a need for them.  Then I remembered, if I wanted to, I could use the $50 I earned on the Ray-Bans to go buy 2 brand new box fans to store in the garage in case someone needed one… someday…

I think I’ll wait until I move… 🙂