MCF BoothHello all!  The past few weeks at the barn have been filled to the brim!  We set up a booth at Mill Creek Festival, which was fantastic!  Many people stopped by, and we had an opportunity to tell people about our newest program – Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL)!  Similar to Life Coaching, our facilitators work with individuals or groups to create positive changes.  Our program is unique in the Seattle area because we partner with horses and offer art and nature experiences.  Horses are amazing at providing immediate, non-judgmental feedback, and clients have an opportunity to practice new techniques in a safe, intimate setting.

We also have several new, amazing volunteers!  In addition to Inassa, our longtime and very hardworking volunteer, we have Hayley, Makayla, Alyssa, and Hilary!  These awesome people help us keep the barn in tip-top shape by doing routine chores and chipping away at our to-do list.  Inessa says “I love volunteering here because the barn is a safe place and a getaway for me.  I get to hang around horses, there is always a staff member around, and I get to make new friends and see new things.  If someone really wanted to learn about responsibility and to be around horses, this would be a great place.”  Thank you for all the hard work you do!  (To learn more about volunteering, please contact us.

Kathy ShazamWe are continuing to grow our horsemanship program!  We have 12 clients in our program, and we truly appreciate their diversity.  Some are interested in building a relationship with one horse, while others want to learn all they can about all the horses.  Some have previous riding experience, and some would like to learn enough so they can own a horse.  However, the common thread is that everyone that is at the barn wants to learn and is engaged in the experience of being with our horses, which makes our job rewarding and fun!  One client recently commented “I always leave here feeling more content.  I chose The Urban Herd because I could see the relationship you guys have with the horses, and I wanted that for myself.”  We are blessed that we get to teach a variety of skills, and we embrace the challenge of meeting each clients’ goals.  Our hope is that each one feels a sense of accomplishment and has a greater understanding of horse behavior and training.

Tea Party InviteFinally, we have a few upcoming events!  Mark your calendars for “High Tea, Hats and Horses”!  On Friday, August 9th at 7:00pm we are hosting a tea party!!  It should be great fun, and will include pictures with the horses, tea (of course), and light refreshments including hand cut sandwiches, scones, and cookies.  The crowning glory (pun intended) is a tea-hat decorating contest! All materials are provided, just dress in your tea party best and remember your barn boots!  RSVP by August 5th to 

Fun Day inviteWe are also planning “The Urban Herd Fun Day” which will be held on Monday September 2nd at 10:00am for our boarders and horsemanship clients with an egg and spoon race, obstacle course, musical stalls, food and yard games!

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to call us at 425-483-4600, visit our website at, and don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook!