A lot has happened since my last post.  It seems like it’s been months ago, but it’s really only been a few short weeks.  Jennifer, Alison, Ashley and Phil moved to their new digs the end of May and it was a very sad time for us all.  Even though I believe things happen for a reason, I am sometimes baffled and quite unhappy by them at first.  Usually they turn out much different and better than I anticipate… and this has proven to be no different.

I’m ecstatic to report that Jennifer has now fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams and  purchased her own ‘ranch’ just up the road from us!  She Alison, Ashley and Phil will rejoin each other on “Cockrill-Jennifer HouseDoodle-Dude Ranch” sometime in August!  (Just kidding about the name, but Jennifer told me a friend suggested it and I love it!)  She is also inheriting a couple of existing boarders, so will be starting off with a barn full of friends.  I’m hoping to get her to write a blog post about her new adventure and the beautiful and wonderfully fabulous new digs, which I will be frequenting often for cookies and coffee, on the porch of the awesome log house!

Here at Horse Haven, The Urban Herd horsemanship program is continuing to grow, and Kristin and Laura have joined us to manage that program and add their Equine Facilitated Learning program (EFL) which I am very excited about.  We had our test/focus group a couple weeks ago and it was incredible!

We have integrated our herd of horses – Kiera, Shazam, Faith, Victor and Cara and I’m looking forward to sharing more about our adventures with them and the EFL program in the coming weeks.

So just a short update of the goings around the ranch, and how we are all once again busily and happily shouting for joy at each new-found treasure in the sand…