I like new projects, new adventures and new friends, but I really don’t like it when something I like changes… and since starting this business 6 years ago, we’ve had a lot of changes.

When I was young, I had a best friend.  Her name was Penny and I thought we would live on the same block for the rest of our lives.  Then she moved half-way around the world to Eastern Washington and I was alone.  Then I met Linda, and we became BFF’s, until Kelly came on the scene and scooped Linda up.  Then my new best friend was Vicki.  We did everything together.  Then… after graduation, she came to tell me she decided to join the army and I was heartbroken.  I’ve only had a few of those ‘soul’ friends who you can sit up all night with and talk or just sit together in silence without an awkward moment.  That know all of your character defects and love you anyway.  I wish those friendships had never changed… but if they hadn’t… I wouldn’t have known and been known by Kay, or Sandy, or Peggy.  I think I may have finally learned that while change can be sad…  it’s not bad…  just different.

A year ago – I got together with some friends and we started chatting.  A budding idea blossomed and we were off on a new adventure.  Our goals were lofty as, to our knowledge, we were pioneers of this idea, so we began with a ton of enthusiasm, a lot of hard work and mixed amounts of joy and terror!  We had some amazing moments full of joy, and some not so joyful as we navigated this uncharted path.  We used each others courage to try new things and become more confident in ourselves.  And we met a lot of really great people and horses…  And once again, it’s time for change… some tears will be shed, some fears awakened, but I know that it is through this change that we will make room for new friends and adventures that we would not otherwise have.

Al-Jen-Ranger-Bri5I am so very grateful to Jennifer and Alison, who without them, this journey would not have been possible…and to each of you who participated in our adventure;



Phil for your wealth of information & Mija the ambassador for all things good in a horse;

Terri & Dolly

Terri & Dolly

Terri – your support and willingness to continue to help out & Dolly when I needed a nose to cry on; Ashley & Bentley

Ashley for your fearlessness & Bentley who seems to see inside me; P1000808

Susan for your belief in us and being our cheerleader; Mark and Sue

Mark for all your hard work and smiling face; Sue for your ‘do anything’ determination; 013

Denise & Camden for your willingness and patience;

Lesley for your unstoppable enthusiasm; 003

Marissa for your dedication to learn (and your fashion :o);

058Sammy & Jarred for your always smiling faces and friendship;

Eilene for your kind and gentle spirit, Kazumi for your childlike wonder, and Sharon for jumping back into your dream.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…for sharing your horses, your time and your lives with us.  I am grateful!

A good friend of mine tells me when I am complaining about some unwanted change… the tide comes in, the tide goes out…

And I’ve found, that when it does, it leaves new treasures in the sand.

May your beaches all be filled with new treasures…