Donnell Boyd is the head of Horse Haven at Bear Creek, it is true. But Nate Jensen is the spine. Last week HHABC suffered a spinal injury. Nate, who will basically work through anything short of an aneurism, had to call in sick Monday seeing as he was having a bit of emergency surgery. It was his P1000797appendix, which luckily he could spare, and he is recovering nicely so you can all join us in a collective sigh of relief.  But despite what we believe of him, he is actually only human and that means it is taking him a few days to recover from having abdominal surgery.  Go figure.

4-12-13 KimOrdinarily around the ranch, all our back up plans have back up plans of their own. But Nate is our non-redundant system. He is NATE. There is no substitute, no second best.  On the rare occasions when he needs to be away from HHABC for more than his usual days off, we have plenty of notice and plan, plot and strategize right up until the moment he goes merrily off to do whatever.  Then we muddle along until he gets back. 4-12-13 HayWe are all capable people, that isn’t the issue. The issue is that Nate is NATE. It is as simple as that. And while we are able bodied, have a reasonable amount of horse experience collectively, know the property and the animals, and have several advisors out there should we need them, the whole operation just runs better when we have Nate.

So you can imagine the anxiety that surfaced when we got the news that he would be mending for a time and that we’d need to get along without him. We were, shall I say, “concerned.” It turns out we needn’t have worried. 4-12-13 Hay2As Theophrastus said: “True friends visit us in prosperity only when invited, but in adversity they come without invitation.” Well if that is the case, we have been filthy with true friends this week. Donnell sent our Urban Herd members and HHABC boarders a brief note to let them know that Nate would be out and that prayers and well-wishes were welcomed.4-12-13 Tractor

We assume everybody took care of those things in their own way. What we didn’t expect was the other response from our people. On Monday morning, we had enough volunteers show up that we had the whole day’s chores done by 11.30! And that was great, for sure, but then Tuesday came and again, our people came out of the woodwork.  Wednesday, same story. Thursday, starting to see a pattern. Friday, are you kidding?!  You people are STILL showing up to help?!

4-12-13 RumbaNot only did the daily chores get handled, but other projects were tackled as well. Stall mats were re-leveled. A thousand pounds of hay was moved from the hay loft to the various feed rooms. Grain buckets were scrubbed. Cob webs were dusted. Bathrooms cleaned, and weeds pulled.

I’m not overstating when I say that more than one tear of gratitude escaped our tight control. There is truly nothing to compare with being on the receiving end of such generosity. There are not words enough. And so we’ll just go with the old standard, and to Sammy, Alison, Ashley, Phil, Kim, Teri, Eilene, Sharon, Susan, Kristin, Laura and Inessa we say THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.