I can’t believe it’s September already. In some ways the past few weeks have flown by, but in others, they have drifted along slowly under blazing blue skies and what can only be considered near perfect summertime conditions. Lest you interpret our blog silence as “we have nothing to tell you about” rather than “we are so busy we can hardly tell you about it”, let me update you on the buzz at the ranch.

If you are following us on Facebook at all, you will have seen the progress on the outdoor arena. From a long stretch of paddocks, to a clear stretch of rocks and weeds, to a beautifully level stretch of rockless dirt, to an even more beautiful stretch of compacted 5/8th-minus and sand, the outdoor riding area has been steadily moving forward, one bulldozed section after another. It is so exciting! Seriously, you have to come see it.

But that’s just one improvement to the outdoor riding space on the property. While all that has been going on, the indoor arena also got a face lift. Or more accurately, a “foot lift”. The footing has been scraped, sifted, churned, fluffed, and returned to cover a newly leveled and compacted base. The indoor arena, which has been useable all along, is now a veritable paradise for hoof and foot alike. I’d say you gotta come see it, but really, you gotta come ride in it. It’s scrumptious.

We are excited about the fantastic updates on the property, sure, but even without them, we have had the play field available to us all summer long and that has been about all we could need. Because simply put, it’s the perfect place to take your favorite horse for a spin. It needed no improvement, just a mowing now and then. We’ve made pretty constant use of that space thanks to the inviting weather and the fact that our horses love it out there. Play field, I want to hug you. Thank you for your grassy forested perfection.

So that’s the news on our wide open spaces. The update on our people is just as exciting. Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve met some great new additions to the community. Denise, Vicky, Lesley, Sammy and Jarred are just a few of the people who have come to check us out. Seems they like what they found and are going to stick around for at least a while. We couldn’t be happier.

We also got a more coordinated lesson program going for our members. Erin, our trainer, is now joining us on Tuesdays and Sundays to work with our people and our horses. We love her and we’re learning tons. We spent one day bringing all our horses and all our tack into the arena and trying everything on everybody to identify all the best fits. We uncovered several holes in our tack collection, so along with everything else, we’ve been working to fill in with better saddles, bridles and halters. We’ve embraced the adage: “There’s always room for improvement.” Plus, tack is fun to shop for. Clearly, Erin’s not just about riding lessons. She’s been teaching us about tack, about strengthening and conditioning the horses, and yes, about improving our riding skills. There’s always room for improvement, especially if you want to be a lifelong learner. So thanks, Erin. We are so glad to have you around.

OK, that’s a few news items about the property and the community. What about the horses?? The horses are doing great! I say that even though Dolly is on stall rest. Dolly would agree that ideally she would be out romping with the rest of the herd, but she needs to focus on healing from a mysterious lameness issue before she can do that. Everybody else is thriving. We even had an animal communicator come to the ranch and check in with them. But that’s a whole blog update in itself. The short version is that we are right in believing that they have made the adjustment to Urban Herd life happily.

In addition to the regular herd members, we had Lily back with us for ten days while Anna was on vacation. And Wyatt has returned for a stint. We love having them both for as long as they want to stay. They are such great horses that everyone benefits from having them around.

We often call this time of year “the dog days of summer”, but for us they have been the horse days of summer. We are looking forward to the horse days of fall, the horse days of winter, and the horse days of spring.

Every season is horse season. And you can quote me on that…