I have had the absolutely BEST last few days!  Despite my worry over the thunder and lightening, and the need to actually wear a long-sleeve shirt and jacket today… I don’t think I could be much happier!

Every day I get to spend some time with horses…  My horse (Kiera), or a number of other people’s horses.  Whether I am leading them out to the pasture, or back in to the barn, or watching them interact with their owner, or an Urban Herd member…  I am happy!  And interestingly enough, I am happiest when I am mucking a stall, cleaning a water bucket or just hanging out and chatting about mucking a stall or cleaning a bucket… or making up stories about what each horse is doing or thinking at any given moment as they interact with each other or us humans.  What I wouldn’t give to actually be inside their heads and know what they are truly thinking at times.

Yesterday was a new ‘adventure’ as Nate puts it – as we hooked up the trailer (loaned to us for a bit by Hillary King and her mom Linda – for which we are incredibly grateful!) and headed over to pick up Dolly – our newest Urban Herd horse.  It was a pretty simple – get in the trailer, calm down a little, close it up and head back home kind of adventure – but just being with horse people, doing horse stuff makes me happy.

We also got a visit from our newest Urban Herd members, Mark and Sue Lanz – and they hung out for awhile and met all the horses before I had to run off to pick up David from the Mill Creek Festival where Doggy Haven had a booth set up.  I got to watch a few of the Dock Dogs jump into the pool – see an amazing assortment of dogs walk by and even got a free Brat from the vendor next to the Doggy Haven booth!  The smile never left my face.

Today is bookwork day, so my time in the barn is limited as I still have responsibilities that require me to sit in front of a computer.  But I am grateful for that also, as I can usually do that around other fun stuff – like watching Nancy Kittleson work with Jennifer and Briana (or maybe Ranger) in a liberty lesson… and if I’m lucky, she might have the time to squeeze in Kiera and I for a little bit.

So today I am grateful… for the life I have been blessed with… to interact with people and their animals on a daily basis… to be able to go out to the barn after the horses are tucked in and offer them a bite of carrot and tell them how great they are…