I don’t know about you – but since getting into the business of caring for dogs and horses – I now intensely dislike the 4th of July.  It was never really one of my favority holiday’s, but now it has dropped to the bottom of the pile… right next to New Year’s Eve.  Every year, thousands of animals are hurt trying to escape the noise, and the whole reason behind the holiday has been lost.  It is no longer a celebration of independence but who can blow up the most stuff, the highest and loudest. Living in the valley, the noise reverberates through the barn.  There is never a quiet moment.  Standing not 10′ apart, you can barely hear the other person speak.

Most of our horses took this holiday pretty well.  Only a couple, Ranger and Lily, had much stress and even they weren’t too bad.  Ranger paced his stall and Lily would bury her head in the corner of her stall and repeat “I’m in my happy place, I’m in my happy place”.  Brianna preferred to be outside on watch and while alert, Bentley and Spartacus were pretty low-kay.  We hung out in the barn for awhile and when Nate felt they would be okay for the night, he headed home for some much needed sleep.  Being the worrier, I decided to hang out for awhile until the majority of the fireworks slowed down just to make sure.  It was actually kinda nice sitting in the barn, listening to the radio, playing a game on my iPad and just being with the horses.  Once in awhile a particularly loud blast would go off and Kiera would call out and the rest of the aisle would answer… then they would all settle back down and munch a little hay.

Faith, Holly and Suzy Q being on the other side of the barn were a little more insulated from the noise and fast asleep.

So we are done for another year… Thank Goodness!