Bentley arrived yesterday!  Man… is he a handsome guy!  He came out of the trailer, took a look around, and said… “I think I’m gonna like it here”!  Walked camly into the barn and into his stall as if he’d been here his whole life.  A little later, we turned him out next to Brianna – who promptly left Ranger in the dust to muzzle up to Bentley.  However Bentley was more interested in the grass than the beautiful Brianna, so for now I think she’s decided to play both sides of the fence.

We’re told Bentley has a ‘treat face’ and he loves blackberries.  He will also play hide and seek by putting his head behind a tree (about all that will fit), and then waits for you to find him.    We’re already falling in love with him, and excited to get to know this handsome boy more.

Alison and Jennifer headed up to Granite Falls to help Spartacus on his journey here.  Alison and Kristen got him loaded in the trailer and arrived a short while ago.  Spartacus is missing his old pasture buddy and looking longingly up the road to where his previous owner headed.  So we will be putting alot of love on him and are hoping he will become as attached to us as he was to Kristen.  Sparty is a gorgeous guy with a mane and tail the mix of honey, brown and red. The color some of us wish our hairdresser’s would get right.  He’s a gentle giant with a quiet spirit.

So we now have Kiera, Ranger, Brianna, Bentley and Spartacus home, along with our three boarding horses Suzy Q, Holly and Faith, with two more to arrive Sunday – Mija an Urban Herd Horse and Lilly a temporary boarder while her folks are on vacation.  We will also be welcoming Dolly on the 15th as our 7th Urban Herd horse member.

We are getting a full-house – so be sure and come on down and meet the gang soon!