Last night was the first night since I’ve owned Horse Haven at Bear Creek that I didn’t get to hear a single whinny, stall thump, or whicker.  The horses moved on to the property before I did, so there was never a night without them.  As we were getting ready for bed, my husband asked ‘was there anything missing?’  And then it hit me, “the horses” I answered, and I started to cry.

I had walked through the barn earlier that evening looking at all the empty stalls and remembering each horse that had just been there.    All had a special place in my heart, but some just wheedled their way in a little deeper.  Sadiekins (or Darth Sader) depending on her mood that would lean her head into the bars for a good scratch; Gracie who at first didn’t like to be touched about the face, but came to trust the stroke of my hand; Jasmine who would lay her nose through the bars and let me stroke her nose and breathe in her sweet breath; Robbin, the shiny copper penny who was the first horse I had the pleasure to meet; Blue with his beautiful amber eyes and inquisitive and playful nature; Wiara, who people said had an akward gait, but that I loved;  Angel – her lice ridden, worm filled little body now healthy except for her heart; Connor who noticed every little change on the property, and who, with his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth, would drool all down my arm as I scratched his neck; Gem who we called ‘peekaboo Gem’ as she would stand in her shed and peek out at the cars going up and down the driveway; …and I could go on and on.

I’m excited about our new adventure and I’m looking forward to getting started today with the cleaning and organizing and all that goes into it.  I’m anxious to get the new horses on the property and begin to build a special relationship with them too, but I’m also sad at the loss of the horses and people I got to know and who touched my heart while they were here.

As things were being moved yesterday, one of them shouted out to me ‘you’re going to miss us’…  She is right… I already do… more than you will probably ever know.