If you think about it, it’s called a “potluck” for a reason. It isn’t a “potsurething”. If you want that, you call it a “dinner party” and it has a host and it is up to that person to provide a sumptuous repast for her or his guests. Dinner parties are typically hosted by gracious and hospitable control freaks. I do love me a good dinner party!  With a potluck on the other hand, the host basically puts the dinner invitation out there, and provides the table and the plates and flatware, but the actual food is pure luck.  Sure, you can hedge your bets a little by, say, inviting only culinary school graduates, cookbook authors, or restaurateurs. And you can give a nod to your inner control freak by assigning your guests specific categories of dishes in an effort to avoid the dreaded veggie-less all-noodles-and-cheese meal. These things will weight the lucky dice, at least a little. Or you can just roll them straight and trust that the right thing will happen.Yesterday we had our first Urban Herd social event and as we have done with most everything in this endeavor, Donnell, Alison and I decided to trust our (pot)luck. Not surprisingly, our gamble paid off big. We had a generous and tasty meal. We had lovely weather for al fresco dining. We had my favorite: good conversation. And of course, we had exactly the company we hoped for. If you are a person who looks for signs, this is a good one. We took it as an indication that the clubhouse is going to be every bit as important to our success as the arena is. And that, my friends, is a very good sign indeed.

I want to give a special shout out to the significant others who joined us for this event. We realize that for members and future members, The Urban Herd is a commitment of time and energy that might otherwise find its way directly to you. That you would willingly share those precious resources with us, deserves both our acknowledgment and our appreciation. In recognition of your generous support, I say: Thank you. I’m sure it is just the first of many such thank you’s to come.

Donnell’s favorite part of a “Potluck” – dessert dessert dessert!