You know that old saying…  A watched pot never boils?  When I was younger I actually watched a pot to see if it was true.  It did boil, but it happened just as I got so tired of waiting that I turned my head just for a minute and when I looked back… it was boiling.  So maybe it’s true.

I kind of feel like waiting to start our new adventure is like waiting for that pot to boil, I look away and we are a little closer – but that pot still isn’t boiling.  We had our hopes up that we would be able to get started on our new adventure by the 16th of June – only 7 days, 16 hours and 16 minutes from now.  Unfortunately, it looks like the powers that be are not cooperating with that idea.  So we are continuing to make plans, promising our horses they will be with us soon, and watching the clock…  22 days 16 hours and 14 minutes to go…

It actually could be a little sooner – but every time I tell myself that, I find myself looking at the calendar, recalculating the days and trying to figure out what the first thing I’m going to do is….  today it’s making Sand Angels in the arena….

We’ve gotten the bid on the outdoor arena (HOLY SMOKES!!), the quote for the materials to build the clubhouse, an idea of the cost for the remediation to the indoor arena… and are continuing to shop for tack, supplies, a new arena drag and a horse trailer…. but I want to give my mind a rest, get my body busy and my hands dirty… and not with housework :O(

So today is horse visiting day.  We will pet them and brush them and maybe even do a little groundwork, and tell them once again that we will be coming to bring them home soon…   just 22 days, 16 hours and 12 minutes from now….