Everyone who knows me well was surprised to hear that a young, leggy, ginger turned my head.

It’s not that I have a type, exactly, but I had been putting it around that I was looking for a nice dark coated, 14-15 hand morgan or quarab maybe. A solid, sturdy mature being. So I looked for one. I looked at quite a few, actually, as you know if you read my last post.

And then I met Spartacus, and I stopped looking. I walked into the stall with him, looked up…and up into his pretty face and thought, “Are you kidding me? You can’t be the one.”

He’s calm and inquisitive and smooth to ride. But I really fell for him when I was having a conversation with Kirsten and felt the softest snuffling on my shoulder. I turned my head and came eye to nostril with the big sweetie. Did I mention he’s tall? He’s a tall, 8 y/o Missouri Foxtrotter and the newest member of the herd. He comes with the name Spartacus, which I am keeping and augmenting to Spartacus Fidelius.

I’m hoping he’s a lover not a fighter…