I have trouble naming things…  and picking out greeting cards.  They are both very important to me.  I want the card to really express my sentiments toward the person to whom I’m giving it…  sometimes Happy Birthday – Hope your day is great! is enough, but sometimes, for some people, the words in the card have to be perfect because they are very important to me and I’m not so good at putting them together myself.

It’s the same with naming my pet..  I need to get to know them.  I think their name should be indicative of their looks, personality and character.  KitKat came to us as Kiera, and we tossed around some ideas – narrowing them down to Miss Kitty, Kat, and settling on KitKat… but for some reason I keep reverting to calling her Kiera – I think because it just seems to suit her better.

I’ve poured over some online naming sites, but nothing so far has hit the mark with me.  She is 14.2hh, and a little on the skinny side in my opinion, but at only 5, Nate says she still has some filling out and growing to do.  She isn’t fine-boned, so I wouldn’t call her petite – so flower names like Belle don’t seem to fit.  She is very sweet, but also has some sass, so rock-steady names like Bess don’t really work any better than spit-fire names like Warrior Princess.  She’s more than a steady-eddy, but doesn’t have a golden retriever – “okay – let’s go – what do you want to do next?” attitude either.  She’s a little bit of a flirt but isn’t demanding or high-maintenance.

I have decided to go back to calling her Kiera until the name I think she deserves makes itself kown to me.

If you have some idea’s – feel free to share….!