Despite our sleepless night Tuesday worrying about the welfare of our newly anticipated BFF’s KitKat and Ranger, on the first night in their new digs – we are happy to report that we found them content and happy, munching away on their breakfast yesterday morning. We didn’t get even the slightest hint of ‘It was awful!! How could you have left us!!!’ – We got ‘Oh Hey, Hi, Good Morning, How ya doin’.

We turned KitKat out into her nice big grass pasture next to the resident boys, Sonny and Boston, and she promptly strutted her stuff up and down the fence… Helloooo Boys!!! Boston came over, got a squeal and stomp and promptly decided that he would stick with his current BFF, the 30 yo barn matriarch – Sophie. Apparently he prefers long-term relationships with older, wiser and bossier mares than a new, exciting, young and sassy filly. Being older, a little bossy and hopefully somewhat wiser myself – I had to admire him for that. Sonny however, being low man on the totem pole, decided that maybe KitKat could become his new BFF, seeing as how Ranger was clear on the other side of the barn…

Ranger, turned out into his own ‘grass up to his eyeballs’ pasture, was feeling a little anxious. Maybe about the budding relationship between KitKat and Sonny? He would eat a few mouthfuls of grass and then run over to the fence and call out. My interpretation was – “KitKat – we drove all the way here together – I left my last filly for you – doesn’t that mean anything??? I thought we were gonna be BFF’s”.

Like Jennifer says, “life isn’t about making the right decisions, it’s about making your decisions right”. So rather than fretting again about our decision to move them up early, we dealt with Ranger’s new anxiety by moving him back to the smaller paddock outside his stall with a clear view of Sophie and Boston, and enough grass to not feel deprived. Whether it was being relieved of having to watch KitKat and Sonny’s developing relationship, or just feeling closer to the rest of the herd in general, he calmed right down and the energy level in the air evaporated into quiet peacefullness.

Yesterday, we turned KitKat and Ranger out together to see if it would be a workable strategy. We weren’t sure KitKat’s mare-ness would be completely agreeable to sharing a pasture with Ranger, but he was turned out previously with a young mare, and being a little older, bossier and wiser, we hoped they would adjust and become true BFF’s. Then when we move them to Horse Haven, they will have each other to help alleviate their worries… ok… our worries.

Jennifer said – “Yesterday we were doubting ourselves on every level. Today we are back to having a little confidence in this whole horse thing. Tomorrow, who knows? Everything changes. That is exactly why we have chosen to form this community. If you get enough people together, chances are at least one of them is going to be in their right mind on any given day, even if it is only for that day.”  And today that person was Robin James – Sophie’s owner and KitKat and Ranger’s new care provider.

So I guess the BFF thing will get squared away eventually – it’s just gonna take some time….and a herd.

UPDATE:  I went to go see KitKat and Ranger before posting this – They are happily becoming BFF’s!