Jennifer here. So much happening since last we updated you. Hold on to your hats!

To begin with, we added a fourth member to the horse herd. Let me be the first to introduce you to…wait for it…Princess Celebriana! Seriously. That’s her registered name. Pretty flashy, huh? She lives up to the hype, lemme tell you. She is a 15.2hh 50/50 black and white Friesian Sport Horse. She’s got the long mane, the feathered feet, the works. She looks like something out of a faery tale. A really good faery tale, that you want to read again and again. She has kind of a unicorn vibe. You’ll feel it when you meet her next month.

It’s an epic story how she came to be ours. There’s love and loss and love rediscovered. Pretty much everything except pirates and a chase scene. But I will save the details for another day because Princess Celebriana is only one of the recent happenings. Before I leave this topic though, I’ll say that we haven’t decided the name she will have as part of The Urban Herd. I maintain that we should institute the policy: “If you buy it, you get to name it.” Donnell maintains that we should call her “Spanx” because she makes everybody’s butt look small. (Heh! Good one, Donnell.) Nate says he’s going to call her “Just Princess” no matter what the rest of us say, and Alison says nothing short of “Duchess Fareweather Fluffy Feet” will do for the likes of her. We’ll probably have to leg wrestle over the name, which I can guarantee will be a moment worth more than even this horse.

In other news, Donnell pulled off the coup of a lifetime yesterday and got Ranger and KitKat moved up from their respective homes in Roy – about a million miles southeast of Clearview – to a temporary place in Maltby, today! Excellent work on the part of the coordination mastermind. Shout out to Kimberly, KitKat’s previous owner, who not only delivered the dazzling KitKat to her new digs, (by the way Nate says he’s going to call her “Miss Kitty”), but drove over, fetched Ranger, and brought him along too.

We’re excited and we’re torn about today. We are very happy to have them close enough to see and work with them every day now. But it is stressful on them to move and then to move again in a few weeks. You don’t have to have developed much of a bond with them to feel their anxiety. They are horses, born to adjust quickly to new things as a key survival skill. So we trust that they will settle in and be ok in their temporary digs. But in the meantime, they are so new to us that we haven’t had a chance to form enough of a relationship to be much help in calming their anxiety. With today’s experience in mind, we are more certain that boarding Princess Fareweather Spanx with her previous owners up in Marysville until we can move her to Horse Haven is the right choice.

And the last bit of news is that it looks like we’ll be able to move up our efforts to retool the Horse Haven property by a couple weeks. It won’t change our start day, we are still targeting July 1. But it will give us a little more time to get things in ship shape for the rest of the gang. It’s a mixed blessing for the rest of you because it means we’ll be pulling you in for a work party even earlier. But working for horses? How bad can it be? If that’s bad, bring on the bad!

And what about Alison? What has her horse seeking been about? What about Chocolate? And Blacky? And Paco? And Bonnet? Come on, Al. OK, you can skip all of them and just take us straight to Fidalius and what’s happening with him. You think I’m kidding about that “Fidalius” thing. Well, I guess you’ll just have to check back and see…