I grew up with sisters. My mom and dad gave me two of them, according to the most traditional understanding of the term. We shared a home with my aunt Susan and her kids for many years, so I got two more sisters by less traditional means. Aunt Doris and family were five blocks up the street – arguably two more there. And Aunt Joan was one block around the corner from Aunt Doris – add four to the count. Aunt Nancy took two of my “sisters” to Florida with her when she and Uncle Adrian headed south, but the family net is large and tightly woven. What I’m saying is that my life is filthy with sisters. But I boast. Let me come to the point. With all those sisters going for me, it should come as no surprise that whenever I open a gift, the first thing I hear is a chorus of: “I get to wear it first!” So I was ready for it Monday when I heard: “I get to ride him first!”

We teased you a few days ago with the news that Alison and I had test ridden a horse down in Roy that we were pretty positive about. I didn’t want to say too much about him in case once we ran him by a couple other herd members and a vet, he didn’t pass muster. Donnell and Susan liked him as much as Alison and I did, and Dr. Ramona green lighted him – her only concern being that he might develop some soreness in his right hock when he’s an old man. Thus we purchased him without hesitation. Ranger is one of us now. And Donnell says she gets to ride him first.

Check out the link to The Urban Herd Horses (better give us a day or two to post it) for details about Ranger himself. What we know of him from the seller is that he has competed in the arena as a 4-H horse and has never taken less than second in Trail Challenges. Of course, that could mean that he’s only been in one trail challenge, but we choose to imagine walls of ribbons from his former life. Whatever his previous experience, it comes through him as a willing and able riding partner with slightly deficient ground manners. Gotta work with him on the concept of personal space, since we know that “pushy” does not equal “snuggly” no matter how it may appear.

Ranger and KitKat are temporarily boarded with their previous owners down in Roy. The thing about Roy: it is very very far away. Unless you live in Spanaway. But for The Urban Herd humans, it’s really way the heck out there. We’re looking for temporary space for them closer to the rest of us. Of course, on July 1st you can meet them in person at Horse Haven, but some of us can’t wait that long. We’ll let you know as soon as we relocate them. For now, trust us, you’re gonna love them.