Who would have thought that Roy, WA, would be the hidey-hole for so many interesting horses? Roy? Seriously? Where even IS Roy, says the downtown city girl. Thank you, Google Maps.

Yesterday Alison and I warmed up the GPS, grabbed a Pepsi and a banana and set off for southwest Pierce County. We made sure at least two other people knew our destination and told them to send the Marines if we weren’t back by 8:00 pm. Properly equipped, tagged and ready, we made our way through the budding mecca that is Parkland, toward the thriving metropolis of Spanaway. Alas, Spanaway, with all its horse savvy, home of “The Unit” where we had audited the Buck Brannaman clinic earlier this year, and hotbed of equestrian activity, did not have the horse for Alison. We checked out a really nice QH/Arab mare that had raised two girls through their early horse loving years. But while we appreciated her fine points, she just didn’t connect with Alison. We thanked the generous seller for showing her off to us, turned west, and headed further into vaguely charted territory.

Not “uncharted” mind you, seeing as we found “KitKat” in the wilds of Roy just a few short weeks ago. So we had the general area in mind. But people, I live in Madrona! Southwest Pierce County might as well be the Ozarks for all the good its relative nearness did for me. Fortunately, you can drop Alison in the middle of Constantinople and she’ll find her way to her hotel unerringly. Not so, this directionally impaired pilot. The co-pilot was on it and we found the farm of the second horse of the day, no problems.

That’s where we met the gelding who could be our next Urban Herd mascot. I’m withholding his name to make his unveiling all that much more fun, should he turn out to really be the right guy for us. I used Donnell’s tried and true horse finding method mentioned earlier: get on him, ride him around, if you like him take him home. I like him. OK, I loved him. He was willing, energetic and responsive. He is the first horse I’ve test ridden that just went ahead and did everything asked him right off. He had a “This is just what we do”, ears forward, never broke a sweat. We are going back to vet him next week, and so Donnell and Susan can check him out before we decide.

Stay tuned. If he’s the one, pictures and stories will follow. Either way, we’ll let you know how it goes with the vet.