A few weeks ago we visited S.A.F.E. (Save A Forgotten Equine) to learn a little more about their rescue operation.  We were quite impressed with the condition of the horses, their environment and the care they were receiving.  Debi (a S.A.F.E. volunteer) gave us a tour and told us a little bit about each horse and some of the background on S.A.F.E.  Their fiscal responsibility when it comes to taking in new horses, and their devotion to making sure the horses go to the right ‘forever’ homes is to be applauded.

While none of the horses currently in their care fitted the needs and skills of our current horse seekers, we are considering fostering one of their sanctuary members.  To that end, Beth came out and inspected our facility and asked ALOT of questions!  🙂  Some of those questions I hadn’t thought of and I appreciated the depth to which they investigate possible homes.  We are now waiting for approval of our foster application.

This Saturday the 12th is their HeArt of the Horse auction and we are excited to be sponsoring a table at this event.  They have some great items up for auction both silent and live (I have my eye on the Italian rain boots and Sun Horses artwork) and an awesome dinner planned.  I hear they have about 8 tickets left – so if you are interested in attending – getting a shot at some nice art, local adventures (want to fly a helicopter?) and equine gear, get your ticket now!  You can find out more on their website www.safehorses.org under News & Events.