My husband and I were driving up the road and the idea just popped into my head and out of my mouth… “What about doing a co-op?”  His response kind of surprised me. “I was just thinking about that…weird.”  So I chewed on this new idea for awhile – playing out the pro’s and con’s.  I decided to pitch the idea to a couple women who used to be students at the barn.  They had visited just about every stable in the area before landing at Horse Haven, and I wanted to pick their brains about what they had learned in visiting so many stables – the good, the bad and the ugly.

We met for lunch a few days later and after catching up on what they were currently doing; vounteering at a local rescue, still taking weekly lessons and helping care for others horses while on vacation and continuing to find and visit new stables in search of their new ‘home away from home’.  I was pleased to find out that Horse Haven at Bear Creek continued to be the ‘ideal’ that they compared other stables to in relation to location, cleanliness and the priority of the horses care.

“So” I said.  “I was thinking of maybe doing something like a co-op, and…”  That was as far as I got.  Jennifer interrupted with a “shut-up” and then she and Alison looked at each other with that expression of, “can you believe this.”  They told me they had been working on this idea for over a year but hadn’t found the right location to start it.  They then proceeded to paint a picture of exactly what they were thinking and I felt the goosebumps and that little ball of excitement start up in my stomach when I just ‘know’ that I am right where I’m supposed to be, seeing, hearing or doing exactly what I am supposed to at that moment.

It has always been my intention to create an environment where people can come and feel at ease and let the troubles of the day just fall away.  That everyone feels welcome and appreciated no matter whether they have been riding their whole lives, or the only horse they ever rode was in their imagination as they played with their ponies as children.

So welcome to the new Horse Haven at Bear Creek – home of The Urban Herd!  As close to horse ownership as you will ever get without paying the vet bills!